Zoning Board of Appeals

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*** NOTICE ***

  • Public seating is very limited. The public is invited to attend meetings via telephone, computer, smartphone, or tablet. Click HERE  to access a meeting.
  • Written comments regarding a case may be submitted to the Building Department via email or US mail
  • The Zoning Board of Appeals normally meets on the last Monday of the month, except as modified due to holidays, at 5:30 PM in the Town Hall's first floor meeting room 
2024 ZBA Schedule (click image)   ZBA schedile

Active Cases   (click image)                          active cases

Todd Rissberger, Chairman Sean Donavan Jonathan Gravatt
Gary Kaltenbach, Vice Chairman Adam Wild Bill Kissel, Board Attorney

Checklists and Guidelines (click image):
Checklist for Area Variance       cheklist for area vau

APA Shoreline Restrictions  APA Page
Height Measurement Example  heigh measure page  

Agendas and Minutes:

07/29/24 Agenda
06/24/24 Agenda
05/20/24 Agenda
04/29/24 Agenda
03/25/24 Agenda
02/26/24 Agenda Minutes
01/29/24 Agenda Minutes

11/27/23 Agenda Minutes
10/30/23 Agenda Minutes
09/25/23 Agenda Minutes
08/28/23 Agenda Minutes
05/22/23 Agenda Minutes
04/20/23 Agenda Minutes
02/27/23 Agenda Minutes
01/30/23 Agenda Minutes

12/27/22 Agenda Minutes
11/28/22 Agenda Minutes
09/26/22 Agenda Minutes
02/28/22 Agenda Minutes