The Development Commission has faciliated or been involved in a number of intiatives related to short term rentals:

  • Short Term Rental Permit Study Group examined short term rentals in the Town and Village and made initial permitting recommendations to the Boards in 2017
  • 2021-2022 Land Use Code Committee conducted public information sessions, public workshops, feedback sessions, and a community survey regarding short term rentals over a two year period. They presented their findings and recommendations to the Boards in June of 2022
  • The Housing Committee's Housing Plan calls for continued work balancing Short Term Rentals with housing needs
  • An earlier iteration of the the Housing Committee facilitated the Housing Needs Assessment and the Short Term Rental Study.

Moving forward, the Development Commission hopes to utilize LEED for Communities metrics to track short term rentals and housing affordability and availability to gauge the impact of Town and Village STR regulations.