LEED for Communities

The Development Commission worked with Clarkson University, ORDA, the Lake Placid Central School District, and the Town/Village to achieve Gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification in 2019. The same cohort is beginning the process to re-certify in 2024.

LEED metrics are used to measure and track important community indicators, including those related to climate and the environment. The Development Commission will apply these metrics as they move forward in 2023 with their Comprehensive Plan updates.

Check out the LEED page for more information.

Climate Smart Communities

Climate Smart Communities is an NYS program intended to help local governments take action to reduce GHG emissions, adapt to climate change, and create resilient communities.

The Town/Village CSC Task Force was created in 2019. In 2021, the Development Commission partnered with a cohort of students from Cornell University to create a management plan for the Town and Village for certification. The Village achieved Bronze level certification later that year. The Town of North Elba is now working toward certification while the Village is working to expand on its programing.

The CSC Task Force will begin to function under the Development Commission umbrella fully in 2023.

See the CSC page for more information.

Clean Energy Communities

Clean Energy Communities is a program through NYSERDA that provides local governments with guidance and assistance to invest in clean energy solutions for their community. The Village became a certified CEC Community in 2022 and is continuing to build on its programming. The Town is working toward certification for 2023.

The Development Commission supports CEC actions and identifies CEC opportunities.

More information can be found on the CEC page.