The Art Alliance was established in 2021 following the 2020 study conducted by a cohort of Cornell students. It created and facilitates the 2021 Public Arts Master Plan.

Mission Statement

"The Public Art Master Plan, as developed by the Lake Placid Arts Alliance (LPAA), responds to 
the 2014 Comprehensive Plan (Community Facilities and Services, Goal 5, Objective 3) to 
“Support and market artistic programs, activities and events” in Lake Placid and North Elba.

The Public Art Master Plan is based on the belief that art enhances, defines and reflects a 
community’s character and image. Art makes public spaces more welcoming, and it creates a 
deeper interaction with the environment – the places where we work, live, shop, and seek 

Current Projects

Olympic Art Inventory - Partnership with Skidmore College
Street Art Project - partnership with the Lake Placid Central School District & Lake Placid Public Works

Previous Projects
Finding a new home for "Vans for Ruth" sculpture

Please contact hbreen@northelba.org for inquiries.