Archived Project Information


Efficiency Study Group

The Efficiency Study Group was created by the request of both the Town and Village Boards in September of 2014 to examine possibilities for consolidating Village and Town services. Read More

Government Communications

In an effort to move forward in that area the Development Commission reached out to the Cornell Institute of Public Affairs University Consulting Project University . This occurred in December of 2019.  Read More

Heritage Sculpture

Lake Placid is one of only three communities to have held two Winter Olympic Games. A local sculptor designed a large-scale stainless-steel sculpture to honor that achievement.  The Appearance Committee considered three possible sites. Read More

Historic Bike Tour

Find out more using the helpful links below. Read More

Land Use Code Review 2021-2022

The Land Use Code Committee was created as an ad hoc committee within the Development Commission to review the 2011 Joint Town/Village Land Use Code and make recommendations for revisions. Read More

Main Street Advisory Group (2016)

In 2016, the Village Board asked the Development Commission to examine legislation that directly impact Main Street. The goal was to ensure that the laws and regulations promote the vision for a vital, pedestrian friendly Main Street. Read More

Power Pond Park Master Plan

The goal of this particular project is to create a Master Plan, including a report, maps, and presentation, which will reflect the public’s vision of Power Pond Park.  Read More

Short Term Rental Permit Study Group

STRs are important to the economy of the community and allow the area to host major events. However, they come with challenges. In 2014, the Town and Village Boards asked the Development Commission to examine these issues. Read More

Trail Study Group

In 2015 a group of three Cornell students participated in a semester long study of the trail systems in the North Elba / Lake Placid area. Read More