Traffic Court

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I proceed upon receiving a traffic ticket?
You have three options:

  • You may appear in Court at 2693 Main Street, (Town Hall), 1st Floor, Lake Placid, New York on the date and time written on the left side of your ticket.
  • You may fill out the right side of the ticket; enter a plea and mail it to the Town Court, Town of North Elba, 2693 Main Street, Lake Placid, NY 12946.
  • You may ask for a reduction in charges from the Essex County District Attorney.   Instructions on how to do this can be obtained by calling the District Attorney's Office (518- 873-3335 option 1).
What happens after I send in a guilty plea by mail?
The Court will send you an invoice showing the amount of the fine and the NYS Mandatory surcharge.
What are the payment options?
You have three options:

  • You may mail in your payment in the form of a certified check or money order to the North Elba Town Court, 2693 Main Street, Lake Placid, N.Y., 12946
  • You may pay with the exact amount of cash or a personal check in person at the North Elba Court Clerk's office in the Town Hall.
  • You may pay with credit card--for more information contact the Court Clerk at 518-523-2141. 
What do I do if I enter a plea of not guilty by mail?
You need do nothing other than enter the plea and state whether or not you wish a supporting deposition. The Court will notify you of your trial date by certified return receipt mail.
What is a supporting deposition?
A supporting deposition is a written instrument accompanying or filed in connection with a simplified information (traffic ticket) which contains additional facts that supplement and support or tend to support the charge or charges.
How do I make a request for a reduction?
You must contact the District Attorney's Office (518-873-3335 option 1) for instructions regarding the information they request.  After they receive your information, they will send you a notice of a plea agreement.   If you wish to accept the plea agreement, sign it and send it to the North Elba Town Court at 2963 Main Street, Lake Placid, N.Y. 12946. Please be advised that all plea agreements are subject to the FINAL APPROVAL OF THE JUDGE. 

If you decide to reject the plea agreement offered and proceed with a trial, notify the Court that you wish to enter a not guilty plea. The Court will then send you a notice of your trial date by certified mail.
How long do I have to take care of the uniformed traffic ticket?
You have 60 days from the date scheduled for your first appearance to dispose of the uniform traffic ticket before you may be scofflawed.
What is a scofflaw?
A scofflaw occurs when a person fails to answer or appear on a summons. The Court notifies the Department of Motor Vehicles when any of these occur and they in turn send out notices of suspension. You are usually given 60 days to take care of the ticket before the suspension goes into effect.
What do I do if I receive a suspension notice?
Contact the Court which reported the scofflaw immediately.  If the suspension is for failure to appear, you must either enter a plea by mail or appear in Court.