Short Term Rental

Short-Term Rental Permit Information

For any Short Term Rental questions, please contact:

Britt E. Waite, Building and Planning Clerk/STR Compliance Monitor
Phone: 518-523-9518

To file a short-term rental complaint, please call 518-739-7906

For Munirevs/GovOS website click below:

*Click image for "Waitlist Form" waitlist form

Once you have completed the form, please email to

                                                                        The subject line must include either "Hosted STR Permit Waitlist" or "Unhosted STR Permit Waitlist".

                                                                                                                         A copy of your deed must also be attached.

                                                                        All info must be included in one email to be considered valid. 

Local Law #1 of 2023 (click here)
Updated Short-Term Rental Law (Effective January 9, 2023)


* Site Plan Requirements (click image) site plan                                                                    
* Information and Signature Page (click image)  owner informatuiobn 
* Essex County Room Occupancy Tax Registration Form (click image) Tax form         

* Septic Inspection Report, if applicable (click image)  Septic

  • 24/7 Emergency Contact Information. The designated representative must be reachable 24/7 and live within a 60-minute drive to the short-term rental unit. This person may be the owner as long as those criteria are met. It is the owner's responsibility to contact the North Elba Building and Planning Department within 48 hours if there is a change of representative.
  • Parcel Identification Number--Tax Map Number (click here for link to Essex County Image Mate Online).  
  • SWIS CODES: Town of North Elba 154089 OR Village of Lake Placid 154001
  • Map and description of parking plan provided to guests: Description and plan showing where the spots will be located on the property that you will provide to your guests. The site plan will be acceptable if you show where the parking will be located and add a description.
  • Proof of chimney clean-out: acceptable proof is a copy of the invoice provided to you by the chimney cleaning company (the invoice muct show the service provider's name, address and phone number).
  • Copy of your deed (click here to obtain a copy of your deed).    

Good Neighbor Flyer (click here) This is to be provided to all renters by the owners

Short Term Rental Fee Schedule (click here)


TOWN OF NORTH ELBA  (click image)  Town Permits

VILLAGE OF LAKE PLACID (click image) Village permits

Town of North Elba Noise Ordinance  (click here)

Village of Lake Placid Noise Ordinance  (click here)

Map of Planning Districts--Village Vicinity (click here)

Map of Planning Districts-Town of North Elba (click here)

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Short-Term Rental Law9 documents

  • 2023 Updated Short Term Rental Law
    document date 03-07-2023
  • Good Neighbor Flyer 2023
    document date 01-03-2023
  • Short-Rental Fees (updated 2023)
    document date 01-03-2023
  • Village STR Law--Parking Changes on Main Street
    document date none
  • Town STR Law--Increase Rental days from 90 to 120
    document date none
  • Town of North Elba Noise Ordinance
    document date none
  • Village of Lake Placid Noise Ordinance
    document date none
  • Map of Planning Districts--Village Vicinity
    document date none
  • Map of Planning Districts-Town of North Elba
    document date none