Short-Term Rental Appeals

*** NOTICE ***
  • The Short-Term Rental Appeals Board is the administrative body charged with the responsibility for reviewing any Short-Term Rental violations appeals.
  • The Short-Term Rental Appeals Board meets Monthly as needed
  • The public may also attend meetings via telephone, computer, smartphone, or tablet. Click HERE to access a meeting
  • Written comments regarding a case may be submitted to the Building Department via email or US mail
  • The public may contact the Department to request information on any case file, past or present
Short-Term Rental Appeals Application

Board Members:

Bob DiMarco - Chairperson Lori Fitzgerald Christopher Santacroce
Gail Lautenschuetz - Vice Chairperson Andrew Teig  

Open Cases:
Recently Heard Cases:
Case #003 - Moran, John Application Decision


02/21/23 Agenda Minutes