Clean Energy Communities

Clean Energy Communities (CEC) is a program through NYSERDA that assists and incentivizes local governments to invest in clean energy solutions for the community. The program provides tools, resources, and opportunities to improve communities, access grant funding, and earn recognition by earning points through clean energy activities. Once they earn enough points, they are eligible for larger grant amounts.

Lake Placid

lp_CEC_128.22 - CopyLake Placid became a designated CEC community in 2022 after completing five High Impact Action Items and earning 1,900 points. View Lake Placid's current Scorecard for more information.

The Village completed the following action items:

1. Clean Fleets - the Village currently has two electric vehicles in their fleet
2. Clean Heating & Cooling Demo - the Village installed heating and cooling pumps at the Electric Department and the firehouse
3. Climate Smart Communities Certification - the Village became a Bronze-certified Climate Smart Community in 2022
4. LED Street Lights - the Village replaced their decorative street lights with energy efficient LED street lights

The Village is currently working to expand on these existing items to earn more points moving forward.

North Elba

The Town of North Elba is working toward becoming designated as well. So far, it has completed the following actions:

1. Unified Solar Permit - the Town adopted a unified Solar Permit in January of 2023
2. Community Campaign - the Town is partnering with the Village of Saranac Lake on a community campaign to encourage the adoption of heating and cooling pumps in residences and businesses.

It is working toward bronze-level Climate Smart Communities certification and Clean Energy Upgrades at the Town Hall.

Unified Solar Permit