Climate Smart Communities

Lake Placid/North Elba Climate Smart Communities

**The Task Force will be updated in 2023 to start work toward silver-level certification for Lake Placid and bronze certification for North Elba. Interested in joining? Contact Haley Breen at**

Climate Smart Communities (CSC) is a NYS program that helps local governments take action to mitigate climate change impacts and GHG emissions, and improve resiliency. The program offers technical assistance, grant opportunities, and rebate opportunities.

Both the Town of North Elba and the Village of Lake Placid are registered communities. Lake Placid earned its bronze-level certification in 2022.

Lake Placid

Lake Placid earned a total of 131 points for 18 completed actions. These included conducted a Government Operations GHG inventory, several Clean Energy Community action items, supporting the local composting program, and implementing climate smart land use, among others.

View Lake Placid's CSC profile and individual reports for each action item at the CSC website.

Lake Placid is working toward silver certification.

North Elba  Unknown Image

North Elba is working toward bronze-level certification.

Initial projects will include:

  • government operations GHG inventory
  • natural resources inventory
  • climate vulnerability assessment
  • CSC social media outreach
  • fleet inventory
  • community heating/cooling pump campaign

Task Force:

The Joint LP/NE CSC Task Force consists of community members, representatives from local organizations, and other local partners. The Task Force helps implement and facilitate the certification process.

Current members:
Jason Leon (Town Board member, Task Force Coordinator)
Haley Breen (Town/Village Community Development Director)
Peter Holderied (Village Board)
Tammy Morgan (LPHS science teacher, Placid Earth coordinator)
Emily Politi (Town Board)
Kimball Daby (Village Electric)
Elise Pierson (ST Lawrence Student/secretary and communications)
Jenni McGrew  (Uhlein Foundation)
Jackie Bowen (Adirondack Council)
Sam Baker (LPHS science teacher)
Patrick Wells (LP Technical Coordinator)
Emma Lamy (ORDA Sustainability & Environmental Compliance Officer)
Caroline Dodd (Clarkson University student,  LEED for Communities point person)
Audrey Hyson (Ausable River Association board)
Erin Griffin (Adirondack North Country Association)