Mirror Lake Waterfront/Peacock Park

In 2017 the Village Board began a series of renovations to the Village Beach House located in Peacock Park.  That Park, immediately adjacent to Mirror Lake is also in need of several upgrades and improvements. As part of the renovation process the Village Board asked the Appearance Committee to develop a plan for the development of the area immediately adjacent to the Beach House.   

The goals for these improvements include:

  1. Create an aesthetically pleasing environment
  2. Encourage a variety of recreational uses
  3. Protect the environment
  4. Promote ease of movement
  5. Provide for security and safety
Part 1: Peacock Park Master Plan

Based upon those goals the Appearance Committee identified  items in need of completion, as seen in presentation.  In addition, the deck facing the lake on the Peacock Park Beach House is not structurally sufficient.  Efforts need to be made to design and construct a fix to this deck so as to be available and occupied for future events. The Appearance Committee worked with students from Clarkson University on two separate reports for the same area. The final Master Plan is a combination of these reports in combination with feedback from the Village Board, Appearance Committee, and various municipal departments. It was adopted in 2022.

The Appearance Committee is now working to execute the Mirror Lake Waterfront Master Plan.

First Report
First Presentation
Second Report
Second Presentation
Final Master Plan
Final Presentation